cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vegancooking,

Breading fake chick'n?

So I have a hankering for cold fried chicken to take on a mini picnic thing on Saturday.
Luckily, I live near May Wah where all the vegan/vegetarian restaurants buy their fake meat. So I picked up a thing of their faux drumsticks.
But I have no idea what to do with them as I never cooked fried chicken -fake or not before.

So all you vegancooking fans, how would you bread these things? Preferably, I'd like them to be kinda unhealthy delicious tasting (I miss KFC salty peppery deliciousy chicken, I admit it) but I also would prefer it to be able baked them rather than fry actually.

Any suggestions (especially ones with pictures) would be greatly appreciated!

If it comes out well, I will post pictures.
Tags: fried stuff, substitutes-eggs-for breading things, techniques-breading things
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