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Green Smoothies

I've only just recently discovered what a kick in the butt a green smoothie can be in the morning. I've started bringing them to work with me, and though I'm usually a compulsive snacker, these smoothies keep me happy, balanced and full of go-get until lunchtime. I really am amazed at what a fistful of spinach does for my demeanour.

So far, spinach is all I've tried and I've been impressed with the rich buttery taste it's imparted upon my smoothies. Soon, though, my garden owes me some kale and chard harvests and I'm excited to incorporate those next.

Here are two of my favourite recipes (pictures omitted, as I'm sure everyone knows what a cup full of green looks like)

1 frozen banana
2 ripe nectarines, skins on
1 handful of spinach leaves
lemon juice
agave to taste
water to help blend

This one is bright and zingy tasting. They feel light but are packed with energy. I'm hanging onto these smoothies for dear life - nectarines will soon be out of season and I'm not keen on giving them up.

1 frozen banana
1 thinly sliced granny smith apple
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter
agave to taste
a small amount of water to blend.

The soymilk and peanut butter make these smoothies a little heavier and richer tasting, and are great when you're seeking a little comfort. The green and tart apple balances out the smoothie, keeping it from being too sweet.

With both of these recipes, I've blended the spinach thoroughly with a little water to make sure no spinach flecks remain in the smoothie when all else is blended in. The fruit with skins is blended in next for the same reason, then the banana, remaining liquid and other bells and whistles go last.

What are your favourite green smoothie recipes?
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