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interesting breakfasts

This morning my boyfriend expressed boredom with his normal breakfast, which is usually cereal or a bagel. We started discussing what kinds of things he would rather have, but all he could say is that he wants to eat more vegetables and less bready stuff in the mornings. He usually rides his bike 10 miles to work after eating breakfast, so I want to be able to make him something that is filling and will give him lots of energy, but is also breakfasty. He is a great sport when it comes to trying all sorts of different things, so I have room to get very creative in this area. So, that being said, I would love to hear what you guys eat for breakfast. Does anyone have any suggestions that might fit this description? The only two ideas I have had so far are mini tofu quiches or huevos rancheros made with a tofu scramble. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!
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