stellanor (wholesomelymid) wrote in vegancooking,

Carrot fun (juice, puree recipes); freezing hummus; tahini

1) I just made some carrot juice from this recipe that involves only a food processor/blender, not a juicer. It turned out great--especially mixed with orange juice! I'm really pleased because my favorite store-bought juice had carrot in it but they've stopped selling it here. I thought of buying some 100% carrot juice for mixing, but it was $6 for a quart at the health food store! On the other hand, the 2 pounds of organic carrots I used to make this cost me $1.20.

2) Because of this, I now have a bunch of raw carrot puree, and I'm looking for some recipe ideas. I'd prefer not to make a soup--I already made some awesome curried carrot leek soup this week. Any good ideas? Enchiladas, maybe?

3) I just bought some tahini today so that I can make my first batch of hummus (using the recipe from the Moosewood cookbook). Any other suggestions for recipes that involve tahini?

4) Does homemade hummus freeze well? I googled it, but got conflicted responses. Many say yes; others say absolutely not; others say it only freezes well if you omit the olive oil.
Tags: condiments-hummus, condiments-tahini, vegetables-carrots
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