Chris Lawless (skahaha) wrote in vegancooking,
Chris Lawless


Checked the tags and found some useful stuff but I'd like to narrow this one down a little bit especially with info from any bikers or fairly active people. I need some mega high energy (and ideally quick) ideas for meals. I ride 40 miles a day commuting from work (20 each way) and the last few days I've been feeling pretty sluggish, tiring easily, and feeling drowsy a majority of the day. I know I'm not getting nearly enough sleep but, since right now I can't do much to alter that, I'm looking for any sort of alternative. Not cycling to work is not an option either, I love it too much plus there's no money for cars or trains. What scared me into posting this is that my appetite actually went down in the last week which is insane because I'm a food machine most of the time. I find that liquids are doing the job a bit better but you can only buy so many Naked juices and protein shakes before your wallet starts screaming at you that you're murdering it. So my question is, what is the best energy packed beverage you've used? The simpler and tastier the better, some of the ones I've seen want you to blend it with all kinds of extra ingredients. Affordability would be nice too but I'm not about to put a price on my well-being when I feel like passing out on my handlebars.

Thanks for bearing with my long-windedness, probably not enough B-vitamins or something.
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