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Ginger grapefruit green tea

If you really love ginger, this is for you. The taste is very strong of ginger. I love that
spiciness. If you don't so much, stay away. :P Or just forgo the
ginger. I bet it would be equally good without it, but I LOVE ginger
and was looking for a use for the heinous amounts of ginger root I
always have lying around. This ended up being really tasty!

Ginger grapefruit green tea

about 1 cup of pre-brewed chilled green tea
3-4 tbsp of grated ginger root
half a grapefruit, red or white (I used red)
apple juice to top off the glass for a little extra sweetness

Utensils that will be useful here - small mesh kitchen strainer,
cheesecloth, grater

Put the 1 cup of green tea in a tall glass over a couple ice cubes.
Squeeze the freshly grated ginger through a cheesecloth into your
green tea. Either juice the grapefruit with a citrus juicer and add
the juice to your tea that way, or do what I did and strain the pulp
and seeds over a little mesh strainer over the cup. Either way will
work great.

I had extra room in my glass so I topped off the rest with some apple
juice I had in the fridge to sweeten it up without actually putting
sugar in it. I am sure you could alter any and all of these
ingredients to suit your tastes.

Very crisp and refreshing on a hot day! I am sure you could up the
doses and make a whole pitcher if you wanted, but I only wanted the
single serving for the time being.
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