lorcas_novena (lorcas_novena) wrote in vegancooking,

Hoping to have a posh dinner party!

I'm having a dinner party soon, one veggie the rest omnis. I want to impress with it!
what do you guys cook when you really want to impress(no tofu)?

If I go Italian I have a beautiful starter but wouldn't know what to make for the main course and wouldn't want to do pasta, as my best Italian main is vegan pesto and roasted tomatoes and it's a bit of a strong taste for some people. Spiced tomarto tart is my other favorite but I do that all the time.

I thought about a greek platter type thing (hummous, dolmades, falafel, tzatziki, greek salad) but wouldn't know what to make for dessert. Also, is it ok to do a platter for a dinner party as long as it's all good quality.

Equally with an indian theme, I'm good at indian starters but really *good* curry is difficult to make as I live in an area with a large Asian population where the local places do *amazing* curry so that feels like a no-go.

Best dessert seems to be poached plumbs with hot chocolate sauce but I don't know if it would go with the rest of the meal.

So, anyway, what would you guys do to impress a load of omnis for a three (or four) course meal?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: foods that non-vegans would like
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