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Waffles, anyone?

Just wanted to show off today's successful attempt at vegan waffles using ground flaxseed as an egg replacer. I tried this yesterday and it didn't work at all—the waffles split in half and stuck to either side of the iron. But today's waffles held together nicely, with a delicious toasty-golden flavor. They didn't quite have the rubbery cohesion of waffles made with eggs, so I had to be a little more gentle when opening the iron and prying the waffls from it, but the taste was just as good if not better.

I used a mix, Arrowhead Mills multigrain, with maple syrup in place of honey, soymilk, and the ground-flaxseed formula from VwaV: 1 Tbsp. flaxseeds, whirled in the blender (or 2 Tbsp. preground) mixed with 3 Tbsp. water until thickened. When I tried the flaxseeds yesterday it didn't work at all: I mixed and mixed but it never thickened. I think I hadn't ground the flaxseeds finely enough. Today I kept the blender going and going for 5-10 minutes, until most of the seeds were clinging to the walls of the container in a fine powder. When I added water the mixture got nice and gluey right away, and thickened even more when I added it to the rest of the ingredients.

Here's my phone-photo then:

To serve, I poured a little maple syrup onto the plate first, then placed the waffle on top of that then topped it with Earth Balance and a sauce of wild blueberries that I'd heated up with a little water and some sugar.
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