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a creature native and indued unto that element

experimenting with new oils

I'm cooking an "Indonesian style" stir fry noodle dish tonight for my new neighbors, and I'm a little nervous about substituting my usual oil. Normally I make all components of this dish with sesame oil, but I'm running a little low on it and want to save it for the final phase (veggies) -- I was wondering if it might be a good idea to use coconut oil for the tempeh (which I cook first with garlic, then set aside until everything else is ready)? I haven't cooked with coconut oil before, but I'd imagine that it would mesh nicely with this dish. My big concern is: will the coconut flavor be too complex in addition to the garlic, sesame oil, peanut satay sauce + nasi goreng + braggs? Should I just stick with olive oil (my only other alternative, which I didn't really care for the last time I ran low on sesame)?

Here's the other components:
green beans, onion, cauliflower, baby corn, red chard, tomato, peanut wheat gluten, casava crackers, rice noodles

Thanks for your help! If this was just for myself I wouldn't hesitate to try it, but tonight I don't want to mess this up! (:

ETA: It turned out incredible; everyone came back for seconds, thirds, even fourths!
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