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Pressure cooked seitan

Ok I am not really new just new lj journal. I have been vegan for about 2 years now. A few weeks ago someone posted recipes that involved using a pressure cooker. I had mentioned I used my pressure cooker for seitan, someone asked me for the recipe. I am a bit of a mad hatter in the kitchen so I didn’t really have a recipe to type up (I just add a dash here and there of what I feel like).

Last night I made seitan parmesan so I thought I would write out the entire recipe and post it.

Dry Ingredients: add together and mix well
Wheat gluten                              1 cup

Rice flour or chickpea flour      ½ cup (you can play with this measurement to change the chewiness of your seitan)

Garlic powder                             3 teaspoons

Onion powder                            2 teaspoons

Smoked paprika                         ½ teaspoon

Organic no salt seasoning        3 teaspoons (I never have vegetable broth on hand so I buy this at Costco its a mix of 21 different vegetables and herbs)


Wet ingredients: add together and mix well
Soy sauce                                           1/8 cup

Olive oil                                              1/8 cup

Cold water or vegetable stock*     1 1/4 cup

*if you do not have a dried veg seasoning such as Organic no salt seasoning, veg stock works*       

2 cups of water for pressure cooker with added garlic or onion to desired amount

Slowly combine mixed dry ingredients and mixed wet ingredients. I use a bread machine to knead my dough until thoroughly kneaded. I normally then flatten the seitan out and place it on a small frying pan on med low to gently brown both sides. If you want a thick non poufy seitan just add weight to the top (as I did with a cutting board). Add 2 cup of water to pressure cooker you can also add 3 cloves of garlic and an onion chopped roughly to the water if wanted.   I have a cheap 20 dollar pressure cooker form Wal-mart that I rigged a steaming rack to fit in above the water line... I cut the seitan to fit in the basket and place the lid on.  Turn heat to high till the bobble top is knocking and lower the heat between medium and medium high heat for 20 min. Take pressure cooker off stove and place on a pot holder or cutting board and let pressure release on its own.  When top is ready to come off take seitan out and let cool (It will be exceeding hot). After cooling you can serve it any way you want.  I have used variants of this recipe for seitan chicken, ground seitan for hamburgers, and country fried steak.  Have fun!

 Ok hopefully this works Pics

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