your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

unmoderation time yet again!

i have time again to click the mouse endlessly, so if you feel that you might have made 3+ posts here that have stuck to the guidelines, and therefore had been approved, and are still on moderation (as in the last entry you had made had to be approved before appearing here) then lemme know, and i'll investigate, and if it's good, i'll unmoderate you, here and now. (how's that for comma overuse?)

i try to keep on top of this stuff, but as with everything, there are cracks and things slip on through. i generally wouldn't know that a worthy member has given up and gone elsewhere. so if you feel that you should be unmoderated, let me know! and feel free to poke me at any time in the future if you've been moderated for way too long. don't feel the need to wait until i make these posts. :-) i'm here for you! i want to make you happy.

also, i'll make the comments screened, so you don't have to feel self-conscious about piping up.
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