harvestl (harvestl) wrote in vegancooking,

Two questions on frosting

First, I made some frosting with powdered sugar, the so delicious brand coconut milk and tofutti cream cheese.  It's really good and I wasn't able to use all of it, so is it safe to freeze, or will that not turn out well?

If I can't freeze it, what can I do with it?  I was hoping that you guys would have some brilliant ideas that I hadn't thought of.  I don't want to make any cookies (I made some beer cupcakes to help me with my PMS, and those cravings are done now), but I can't think of anything else to possibly do with frosting.  I could make something sweet and just take it into work, but I would like to do something different.  So what are your favorite "different" recipes that include cream cheese frosting?

Tags: desserts-cakes-frostings
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