Jen (jelin05) wrote in vegancooking,

Authentic "Crab" Rangoons?

My local vegan chinese restaurant run by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai is now selling huge frozen bags of their vegan shrimp. My first through was to make crab rangoons out of them since I have vegan wanton wrappers sitting in my freezer. I'm thinking of thawing and shredding the "shrimp" and mixing it with chopped green onion and Tofutti cream cheese... stuffing that in the wrappers and then deep frying them in peanut oil.  I only have one small package of the wrappers (scored them in a vegan food swap) so I want to get this right the first time. Does the filling mix sound close to what they would put in conventional crab rangoons, or am I missing an ingredient? Does this recipe sound like it will work or does it have disaster written all over it?  Many thanks!
Tags: ethnic food-chinese
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