wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in vegancooking,

Help make my dinner! Spinach, tomatoes, fennel, etc. What to do?

I have a bunch of delicious veggies that i'd like to use up tonight, as i will be out of town this weekend.  I have:

ripe tomatoes
helvetican spinach (some kind of chard that acts like spinach, i guess)
one fennel bulb
anise hyssop
red onion (uncured, so i want to use it up)

that's the stuff i really want to use up asap.  other stuff i have that might go well with it:

one container silken tofu
white onions
brown basmati and brown jasmine rice
basmati and wild rice mix
tomato paste
tomato sauce
black beans
whole wheat cappellini
a ton of other stuff im forgetting...

probably some other stuff.  i just really want to use up the fresh stuff in that first list and other than tomatoes and spinach on pasta, i cant think of much else! i'm brain dead today.

oh - and, i have a rice cooker as well as the usual pots and pans, so rice cooker-ey recipes would work, too. 
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