Ali (eponine254) wrote in vegancooking,

Replacing margarine and shortening in cupcakes

I recently got VCTOTW and I absolutely love it. So much cupcakey goodness! However, one problem I'm having is with replacing margarine and shortening. I live in South Africa, and I can't get vegan shortening, and I'm fairly sure that I can't get vegan margarine either (I think they all have vitamin D3). This has serious implications for the buttercream frosting! I made a tiny sample amount earlier using coconut oil to replace both the marg and the shortening, and although the texture was fine, it tasted very strongly of coconut (unsurprisingly!). I don't mind coconut, but if I'm making vanilla frosting, I want it to taste like vanilla, dammit! :P

Any suggestions for replacing marg and shortening? No brand names, please - we don't get Earth Balance or Crisco etc. here.

Thank you!
Tags: desserts-cupcakes, substitutes-dairy-butter, substitutes-shortening
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