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I had an idea but I wasn't sure it would work. So the other day I took someone's suggestion from here and mixed the Duncan Heines Spice Cake Mix with canned pumpkin to make muffins and they were pretty good. I still have another box and a can of pumpkin left but this time I was wondering how I could improve it. My idea was doughnuts, my question is does anyone know if you could use cake mix to make donuts? The cake mix plus pumpkins is a little dry so you have to add some water to it to make muffins but I don't know how that would work for doughnuts. I've never made them before using this recipe or any other so I don't know what kind of consistency doughnuts need. If this wouldn't work straight up, is there anything I could add to it that would?

If it would/should work, has anyone ever baked them without using a doughnut pan before? I have a thing to pop out doughnut shapes but I don't wanna fry them as I want them slightly healthier than that.  I was wondering if I could just pop out the shapes and put it on a baking sheet and that would work.

If anyone has any input on these ideas or making donuts without the pan in general, I'd really appreciate it! And I'd post pictures if I get good suggestions!

Tags: desserts-donuts/deep fried goodness
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