maira (dannytamberelli) wrote in vegancooking,

A banana dilemma!

So I've got some bananas (probably 6 or 7) that I've been meaning to make banana bread with. I'm talking super ripe, mushy brown bananas. Unfortunately, we're going through another ridiculous heat wave and it's way too hot to even think about using the oven. I'm not sure if the bananas will last until the end of the heat wave (which will hopefully be this weekend). Any ideas for ANYTHING that involves super mushy, ripe bananas? Or should I just suck it up and deal with the heat and then treat myself to some delicious banana bread?

Thanks :)

EDIT: Thanks everyone. For some reason, I had forgotten that bananas can be frozen and they're now in the freezer, waiting for cooler weather!
Tags: fruits-bananas
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