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Cupcake Help!

I invested in VCTOTW recently and am having a few problems - mainly with the frostings.
I've been using the Buttercream Frosting recipe, but every single time the frosting just doesn't hold up and isn't anywhere near thick enough the retain its position or shape. It's pretty much melting right off the cupcakes - I'm waiting until they're cold, so it's not heat doing it.
I am unable to get shortening here, I have looked everywhere - supermarkets, health food stores, even asian groceries just incase, I just can't get any. I've just been using margarine and omitting the shortening. A lot of the time I have to add several extra cups of icing sugar to make it thick, and it just gets ridiculous to add more to get it to hold.
What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I can change to fix this? Does anyone know a substitute for shortening (I'm in Tasmania, Australia)?
Thankyou for any help!
Tags: desserts-cakes-frostings, substitutes-shortening
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