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best veagan taco recipe

I use a medium fresh chopped onion, fried up on high in olive oil with hot peppers (serrano peppers will do, manzano peppers are ideal but harder to get) and red or orange peppers and sweet and garlic until the veggies start to scorch a little. For more of a fajita feel, cut the onions and peppers into slivers.

I then add paprika, coriander, black pepper, and cumin and stir until spices are dispersed. Then add beans and/or fake meat. I like to us both! I usually use wheat gluten. (see below)

mix and lower heat to high medium. Add tomato paste and a little water or salsa juice. I also like to mix in some pico de gallo or some fresh organic salsa around now.

Let simmer for 30 seconds then mix in a pinch or two of cilantro.

Simmer until sauce thickens to you liking!

Serve with rice (ALWAYS LONG GRAIN!!! I usually like to use yellow rice for an extra bit of spicy goodness) or serve with some roasted corn tortillas (NOT FLOUR TORTILLAS!)

If you are using TVP as a meat analog, you may want to skip using salt and use a hearty spoon or two of miso paste instead. This adds a bit of meaty-umami goodness!

If you are using a gluten based meat substitute, make sure to add it with your onions (or even before) so they get nice an roasted. If you don't, they risk staying spongy.

If you are using tofu as a meat substitute, lord help you.
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