The World is Breaking Down (acceptance__) wrote in vegancooking,
The World is Breaking Down

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie weirdness

So.. I have made a recipe for chocolate chip cookies from online somewhere (maybe memories on here.. or some other LJ veg community) and I have made the choc. chip cookies from How It All Vegan. In BOTH recipes (which are pretty different) whenever I mix in the chocolate chips they seems to not want to stick in the dough.. I mean, I can get them to work, but they sort of just stay repellent and I have to force them in after I form the balls of dough and put them on the cookie sheet.

Does anyone know why this happens?

When I made the How It All Vegan ones I thought maybe it was because that recipe was so oily. (BTW, I think that is an awful recipe. The cookies were super heavy and very, very, very oily.) But the recipe I made tonight only had 1/2 C of Earth Balance, which isn't all that much comparatively.

I'm not sure if it's just because they are vegan cookies and they are less sticky or something. Could it be because I put my choc. chips in the freezer for storing?

Has this happened to anyone here before?
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