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Vegan-izing Asparagus and Blue Cheese?

One of my fave pre-vegan days recipes is Broiled/steamed asparagus with blue cheese.  The recipe's great strength is it's simplicity, but if anyone has suggestions for other things to do with a similar taste, please feel free to suggest.  I love pretty much anything asparagus, but would love more uses.

The original (roughly)

1 bunch of asparagus
olive oil
blue cheese
salt, if needed.

Broil/boil asparagus until tender but still slightly firm.  Sprinkly lightly with olive oil.  Crumble blue cheese over top.  Salt lightly if needed.  Serve warm.

Other faves include plain steamed asparagus, Broiled asparagus with french herbs, grilled asparagus, fried asparagus with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but I am really missing that wonderful salty/creamy flavour of the blue cheese.

Thank you for your help.
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