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Carrot Cashew burger what?

So the other day I was watching "You Are What You Eat" with that fraud Gillian Mckeith and she had this teenager make these patty/burger things.

I was going to make them today but now I can't find the recipe! I'm hungry!

So what I remember was:

(maybe?) chick peas
and spices

I remember liking it because it had VERY FEW ingredients.

Then he processed it. Then she had him smack it together (kind of wet) and bake it in the oven for like 20 minutes. it made like 8 patties.

So simple! Very quick! Few ingredients!

Anybody know something similar? I have all the above ingredients I just don't know how I should and how much I should throw together.

I took a recipe from catymoo-
1 can of chickpeas,
1 carrot (grated),
1 medium onion,
half a teaspoon of: thyme/paprika/garlic powder
except black pepper and cayenne that's just a few pinches.
2 teaspoons of soysauce
1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

Just put them all in the food processor until they're blended, make into patties and bake.

I tried 425 at 20 minutes.

Fail. LOL I must have done something wrong in there though. She makes them all the time she said. The flavor is fine but it totally fell apart.
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