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Foreign Soy Milk

I recently lived in Japan for a year. Before I left the US, I regularly drank soy milk (usually Silk brand) with no issues whatsoever. While in Japan, I drank about 1 liter a week of generic brand (Top Value / Jusco brand) soy milk. I usually purchased the low-fat kind because it had more calcium. Now that I'm back in the US, I find that ALL brands (fat-free, full-fat, vanilla, Silk, organic, and multiple combinations thereof) of soy milk give me horrible indigestion which lasts for about a week, even if I only drink a cup or so of it with cereal.

My question is, what on earth is in American soy milk that causes my system to react so poorly, or what was in Japanese soy milk that made me more sensitive to American soy milk? Did I give myself a soy milk allergy? Has this happened to anyone else?
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