synesthesia (sinestetici) wrote in vegancooking,

Question about subbing red wine for white....

So I'm all sorted and prepared to make the orange ginger baked tofu from the (; but I just realized I don't have any white wine. I have red...but I know that will seriously effect the flavor. I have vinegar, but have never used it as a sub before in a recipe.

Do any of you have any suggestions? This already calls for orange juice, so I can't sub the wine with OJ like I normally would. I did look through the tags, but I'm crossing my fingers that someone has some specific first hand knowledge in this particular recipe.


UPDATE: So I subbed red wine for the white, and honestly folks this was the best baked tofu I have ever had, hands down. I'm on my second sammich as we speak. The red wine is the best accident that could have happened to this dish; tomorrow I'm going to roll some of this up in sushi rolls and live off those for awhile. Try this recipe if you have a's quick and easy and delicious!
Tags: substitutes-alcohol
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