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Mexican Cake Recipes?

Hey friends - Once more I come seeking knowledge.

I'm currently studying Spanish in school, and my class is lucky enough to have an instrustor who's a native Spanish speaker, from Cuernavaca, Mexico. The whole class loves this guy, because he's finally teach us linguistic dumbasses (it's a super-basic spanish class) in a way that we can actually understand.

Unfortunately, he's here on a teaching visa, and will be heading back home once the semester is over with. A few of us had the idea to throw him a little party to say thank you, and since I'm the culinary geek of the group (Baking & Pastry Major) I was elected to take care of the cake.

Long story short, I'm looking for a recipe that he'll recognize and enjoy, but that I can make vegan. One classmate suggested Tres Leches cake, (which is veganizable) but I had hoped to do something a little more..sturdy, so I can cover it in fondant to look like the Mexican flag.

If Tres Leches is the best answer, that's cool - I had just hoped to do something a little more showy, heh.

As always, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
Tags: desserts-cakes, ethnic food-mexican
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