they call me Mr Tails (tails_redux) wrote in vegancooking,
they call me Mr Tails

Things to go with kedgeree

I'm cooking breakfast (for around 30-50) at Kebele again on 24th October, and was considering making kedgeree (rice and lentils with bit of saffron/smoked paprika/other spices and some roast veg running through it). Also trying to keep it all gluten-free.

Was wondering what side dishes I could put with it.

Any suggestions welcome.

EDIT Been looking at chickpea/rice flour pancakes and they look as if they'll do the trick ... keep the ideas flowing ...
Tags: -health-gluten free, -location-uk, beans-lentils, breakfast foods(uncategorized), catering, co-ops/large volume recipes/tips, ethnic food-british, ethnic food-indian, grains-rice
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