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fried bread with chick-peas

I haven't eaten a fried egg since I became vegan. And I don't miss that, the smell itself now can make me sick. But there was one thing I did miss - and that was what we call in Israel fried bread - I don't know the English name. Basicly it is a bread you fry on oily pan, and then you pour the egg above it and around keep frying till the egg is ready. Delicious. Haven't eaten any since I became vegan.

But I just found the trick to make it! Without egges. And it is even more tasty then I remembered the egg version! (I guess I should have taken a photo... next time).

Anyway, this is how you make it (big serving for one):

1/3 cup chick-peas flour
some turmeric
1 tbs nutritional yeast (powder)
1/3 cup water
some vegan cooking cream (I used 5% Alpro, the only one to find in Israel). That might work with soy milk as well, but I haven't tried that yet.
1 slice of bread (make it wholewheet)

optional extras: chopped green olives, chopped mushrooms, whatever you like)

Mix everything in a bowl. Make sure there are no lumps (is this the word?) of chick-peas powder.

In the meantime fry a slice of bread on a non-sticky pan with some oil. When it is a little brown flip it to the other side, and pour the chick-peas mix over it and around. Fry well. When it looks good, flip everything to the other side and fry some more.


update: fixed typo
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