kumquat (kumquatpie) wrote in vegancooking,

low sodium, high vegetable recipes for pregnancy

Hey everyone!

So, my best friend is pregnant, which is awesome. However, she's been feeling horribly nauseous lately, so all she's been eating is carbs, and it's unfortunately spiking up her blood pressure (as the carbs she's been eating are high sodium). I've already suggested she switch to stuff like ezekiel bread (high fiber, low sodium). Her other problem however, is that she hasn't been eating enough veggies.

What I suggested is that she start buying low sodium broth and frozen veggies so she can throw together veggie soup quickly, as most canned soups have a ridiculous amount of sodium. Other than that though, I'm not sure what else to help her with. I enjoy cooking a lot, and have her husband and her often for dinner. But in all honesty, I have never watched sodium carefully because I've always had good blood pressure (and I've always been very sensitive to salt so I usually lessen the amount of salt and up the other seasonings).

Does anyone have any great low sodium, veggie heavy recipes for a pregnant lady who's almost constantly nauseous? Or any good websites? I googled around a bit but was not having much success.

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