lorcas_novena (lorcas_novena) wrote in vegancooking,

Good Mash


I like to make my mashed potatoes with little potatoes (jersey royals, charlotte potatoes etc) because I like the texture of extra skin in there. Also, I don't really like eating mash with little skin in it because without the skin it's devoid of nutrition, I don't really like eating empty calories.

Anyhoo, I know a lot of smaller potatoes and new potatoes are waxy rather than floury and so don't make good mash and you can't work them the same without them becoming gloopy.

So, my question is: does anyone know which small potatoes are the flouriest and thus make the best mash? I don't add soy milk, just LOADS of sunflower margarine and even more salt and pepper. I try not to overwork it, just mashed. I don't pass it through a ricer because I love the skins.
Tags: side dishes-mashed potatoes, vegetables-potatoes
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