harvestl (harvestl) wrote in vegancooking,

Egg substitute for pastry

I am making little pies for a halloween party this saturday.  it's a martha stewart recipe, so it definitely needs to be veganised.  it's a basic pastry crust, but i need some suggestions for a filling.  you cut them into little circles with just a biscuit cutter, and then cut out a little leaf on the top so that they're all cute.

they will be served alongside some spaghetti with the tempeh crumbles from VWAV, some roasted potatoes and lots and lots of desserts.  What would you suggest for a filling?  Some vegetables perhaps?  I am at a loss.  Martha also suggests brushing them with egg to help them seal and to give them shine.  A couple of my dessert recipes (witches fingers) also call for that.  Is it easier to just forget that step, or is there a simple substitute?
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