Meghan (megamuphen) wrote in vegancooking,

Acorn Squash for Acorn Sqaush Haters?

Hey, all! Thanks for all of your help on previous posts... sometimes I don't go back and comment on everyone's responses, but I read 'em all!

So. Acorn Squash. Neither my husband nor I are big winter squash people. (We also aren't fans of sweet potatoes, which seem somewhat similar). I think our big hang up is the combination of sweet and starchy. But I WANT to like winter squashes. I bought an acorn squash the other day because it called me with its seductive siren song of fall goodness. But I don't LIKE squash! What am I going to do with it?!!?

So, <lj user="vegancooking">, do you have any helpful tips on how to prepare squash in a way that won't make me sad?

Thanks. :-)
Tags: vegetables-squash
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