The Angry Rainbow (owlsie) wrote in vegancooking,
The Angry Rainbow

Vegan Shrimp Dumplings

Someone in veganpeople requested my dumpling recipe, so here it is :) All of these ingredients except for the brocolli sprouts can be brought at Asian groceries. 

2-3 tablespoons each of chopped:

Brocolli sprouts
green onions
snowpea sprouts

1 teaspoon umami seasoning

a few drops of sesame oil

Fried garlic flakes to taste [you can buy these pre-fried to avoid the hassle of crushing/frying the garlic yourself]

1 package vegan shrimp [made of soy protein and tapioca starch, i think] 

1 package dumpling skins

Simply add everything except the skins to a bowl and let it sit for half an hour to absorb the flavour. Add 1 vegan shrimp and a pinch of the chopped veggies to each dumpling skin and fold to your liking, sealing with water. Boil, steam or fry. Be careful of the cooking time because cooking the vegan shrimps too long makes them tough.

Delicious served on a bed of brown rice and baby salad leaves. 

Let me know if you like them!
Tags: ethnic food-general asian/fusion, substitutes-meat-seafood
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