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Holiday cooking

My mom just got her Christmas Harry & David magazine, and I found some things that actually looked good.  However, as they're from Harry & David, they're nowhere near vegan.  So I wanted to check and see if you guys had some good recipes that I could use.  And anyway, homemade is always better than bought-from-a-magazine.

The first was a pumpkin cheesecake that had a sour cream layer on top.  It looked delicious.

The next was these fruit galettes - the description is "we bake these poist, delicate cookies very gently to prevent browning or crisping."  And then they have different fruit fillings.  Like little cookies fruit sandwiches.  They also had some spiced creme shortbread cookies that were similar - creme fillings between two cookies.

And the third were cheesecake bites.  Now, I'm not a very fancy baker, but they looked really good.  And I'm getting decent at making those peppermint patties from vegweb in tiny little muffin tins with paper liners so they actually come out of the pan.  But I have no idea how to make tiny little pieces of cheesecake encased in chocolate.  And they had different cheesecake flavors - pumpkin, chocolate turtle, peppermint and gingerbread.

Any help would be wonderful!!  I would love to wow all the ladies at work!
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