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Identifying mystery flours: is this vital wheat gluten?

So here's a question: I always buy flours from bulk bins at Whole Foods or the local co-op... and I have recently discovered when I cleaned the pantry that I have a couple bags of flour that I can't identify. I oh-so-brilliantly labeled them with some kind of bin number rather than with what they are. I have reason to suspect at least one of these is vital wheat gluten....but it's possible both are, or maybe one is bread flour, or oat flour, or who knows what. I was dating a gluten-free fella so who knows what random flours I may have purchased during that time... it could also be chickpea flour.

Is there any way to tell these apart?? I thought maybe vital wheat gluten would be more... sticky or have that weird texture if I moistened a bit of it, but when I did that it didn't seem all that different than when I added a bit of water to some (clearly labeled) regular white flour. Maybe that means it's just plain old bread flour and not vital wheat gluten?

I hate to make a recipe of sausages or something assuming this is vital wheat gluten and then have it all not turn out... and if I try to make pizza crust with it and it turns out to be vital wheat gluten...gah. I just don't want to waste it. And they are rather large bags.

Ideas? How can I tell flours apart?
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