Samantha : sometimes you feel like a nut..... (oxymoron02) wrote in vegancooking,
Samantha : sometimes you feel like a nut.....

seitan question

I've been through the tags, and am considering making zaftigvegan's Happy Chicken Kiev, assuming I can find all the ingredients (not so easy in the rural south, let me tell ya).

I've never made seitan. In an urgent buying trip last month, I bought Vegan Planet as it was the cookbook most conducive to my reading style (what good is a book you won't read?). Money's tight, so I'll not be buying any books I can't gift until after the first of the year. VP has a basic seitan recipe that involves a lot of rinsing.

Seitan veterans, I ask you, would you recommend I try making plain seitan first to get a feel for it or should I jump head first into my goal recipe? Somewhere in the middle?

Any "how-to" or "how-not-to" suggestions also welcome.
Tags: seitan
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