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Cherry Cobbler and Stir-fry

My mom wants a cherry cobbler for Thanksgiving, and I need some help. I refuse to use the cherry pie filling stuff, cause it's got all kinds of ickies in it, and the rest of the meal is from scratch, so the cobbler should be too. So can I use frozen cherries, or jar cherries, or what? I tried looking online, but couldn't find any sites that I trusted. Do any of you have good recipes for me?

And on a helpful note, I made a really good stir-fry last night! I was at the supermarket, trying to figure out what I wanted, and the only thing in the entire store that sounded good was green peppers (excellent since I absolutely hated them before I went vegan). So I grabbed a couple, and then walked around to see what else was there. I saw some stir-fry noodles and it sounded perfect! So I grabbed some sugar snap peas, mini carrots, canned pineapple and some frozen broccoli and headed home! After doing some research on this lovely site, and I decided to do a coconut-peanut sauce. So I sauteed all the vegetables and for the sauce I mixed some heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter with some So Delicious coconut milk and some soy sauce (heated on the stove to melt the peanut butter). And the I served it over the noodles. It was delicious!!!
Tags: desserts-cobblers/crumbles, fruits-cherries, stir-fry
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