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Vegan Diabetic Desserts?

I just found out my grandparents are coming for Thanksgiving and my mom has asked me to make a dessert that my grandmother can eat since she has diabetes. It's my first time doing Thanksgiving for my family and it's going to be entirely vegan, so I really want to impress. I have a list of amazing desserts lined up that don't use refined sugar, but my mom told me that my grandmother can only have nutrasweet or other chemical sweeteners like that. I do not want to use a chemical sweetener so I would rather skip the sugar all together.

So.. anyone have any dessert recipes that do not use sugar or chemical sweetener? I know they exist since I've eaten them before, but finding a recipe is another story :(

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the great comments. They all helped a lot. My friend ended up sending me her own recipe that has no added sugar:
It uses dates as a sweetener, which should be fine since normally my mom normally makes some kind of fruit dessert.

Also- when I was in Japan, I had lots of macrobiotic desserts that had no sugar or sweeteners in them at all. I am determined to find recipes for these eventually and I want to post them on here when I do. I just didn't have the time today to try searching for Japanese recipes.
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