Cosmo-san (blooming_cosmo) wrote in vegancooking,

Help needed with pumpkin "cheesecake"

Alright, so I know the rules to baking...measurements matter! But I have a dilemma. I'm trying to make pumpkin cheesecake. I have all the ingredients, but the vital 8 oz of "cream cheese" is not 8 oz. Someone used a bit of it to my dismay, and now I think I'm at around 7-6oz. D: Will I totally ruin the dessert if it's not exactly 8oz? Is there a way to make up for that ounce or 2 without ruining it? I feel like it would be okay, but I over worry things and if someone told me it's alright I'd feel better. lol I was going to buy another container, but the store I bought it from is sold out and there is nothing withing a 25 mile radius that would have it in supply (yeah, I checked).
Tags: desserts-cheesecakes
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