cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vegancooking,

Latkes/Potato Pancakes Help

Hannukah is coming up and I just found out my husband’s aunt’s amazing latke recipe had not only butter in them but eggs as well. She originally assured me they were just potatoes and some spices so they were vegan but I think something got lost in the ‘vegan’ translation. So I feel kinda poisoned right now as I ate them the last two Hannukahs unknowingly.
So I wanted to try to bring my own vegan version this year. I was wondering if I could just use an egg replacer like Ener-G in her original recipe (obviously the butters easily replaced) and if anyones made latkes successfully like this or if I should just use one of the already vegan recipes out there. Hers were extremely tasty (unfortunately) so I’d like to stick as close to her original recipe as possible although if anyone else has any recipe recommendations that turned out great, I’d love them too! Thanks!

Tags: ethnic food-jewish, holiday food-passover/jewish holidays, substitutes-eggs-for pancakes/waffles
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