mangiati_vivi (mangiati_vivi) wrote in vegancooking,

Questions (about Agar, and Empanadas!)

Hey, friends & neighbors. Couple quick questions for you fine folks, if you don't mind.

Question the first: I have a recipe that calls for 1.5 Tbs of Agar Agar flakes, but I only have it in powdered form. Do I need to adjust the measurements to compensate for the difference between the two, or will it be OK? I've never used Agar before, so I'm in totally new territory here and not quite sure what to expect.

And somewhat of a follow-up to that question - I found the powder at our local natural market this afternoon, for almost $7 per ounce! That's a little rich for my budget - I wonder if that's a ridiculous price, or if this stuff is just that spendy?

Question the second: I'm trying to make more meals that we can just stick in the freezer and then grab-and-go as necessary, and one of the ideas I had was to make some sort of empanada-y thing. I have the dough handled, but I'm at a loss as to what to fill them with. All of us here love mexican food, but any sort of filling ideas (cheaper the better, of course, but anything will work) are appreciated.

Tags: agar-agar, ethnic food-mexican, quick-meals
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