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Harry Potter themed Christmas presents

I know I'm always asking for help here, but I need some more help! I am doing a secret santa at work, and I need some ideas. Everyone at my work is super awesome about my vegan-ness (which is a great change from my last job) but I want to blow everyone out of the water and make them jealous that the vegan didn't draw their name.

I have gathered some information and here is what I have: she likes chocolate (but not really dark chocolate), peanut butter, pumpkin, cheesecake and peppermint. Her favorite book series, helpfully enough, is Harry Potter.

Now, at first I was just going to make some peanut butter cups and peppermint patties (courtesy of vegweb) and maybe the no-bake peanut butter pie from VWAV and get a cute mug or something (we do secret santa for three days) but now I want to do something impressive. Like come up with magical sounding names, or other recipes that could be like they came from the wizarding world, or cute ways to make them. I can't make chocolates in molds, however. I have tried that before and they wouldn't come out of the mold for anything. I tried greasing the molds before, sticking the pan in warm water for a few seconds and then a few more seconds, and then a few more (you can imagine how they eventually came out - half melted). But other ideas would be fantastic.

And I was planning on using just melted tropical source (or whatever they're called) semisweet pieces for this and my other holiday baking, but is there a cheaper way? Can I make it or do you know of other brands that are vegan? I can never seem to find some.

Thank you so much!!!

ETA: I was planning on just making the peppermint patties and peanut butter cups (I'm also making some for general holiday presents) in little cupcake tins with paper liners. If you know an easier way, let me know!!
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