lolaferocious (lolaferocious) wrote in vegancooking,

Christmas dinner ideas please!

This is my first Christmas as a vegan, and I am really keen to show my omni family that vegan food is delicious!!
My vegetarian sister and I usually just make a Sanitarium 'Veggie Roast', but having done that for the past few years I am bored of it, and want to cook something myself. Whatever I cook needs to be ok for my sister to eat, because we are the only two that don't eat meat. She doesn't like tofu (having never actually tried it) so the recipe either has to have no tofu, or tofu that is not obviously tofu! Preferably the latter, because I think she would like it if she were tricked into trying it.
Any ideas would be very welcome! Feel free to leave dessert ideas too, because I am struggling with that too! I just want everything to be perfect! :D
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