harvestl (harvestl) wrote in vegancooking,

cooking in paris

This coming Saturday I am going to fly to Paris to visit with my dad for a week and a half (he's over there for work for a few months). He's pretty much a vegetarian, so he won't mind eating vegan for dinner, but I am going to be making it. His wife will also be there, and I am assuming that there will be plenty of underhanded snipes about my choice of diet.

So, I need some recipes or cookbooks that will be easy to make in Paristhat will just knock their socks off. So basically just whole foods that I will be able to easily find in a city that doesn't care too much for vegans. He has a stove and an oven and a fridge, but he doesn't want leftovers.

Any help?
Tags: -location-europe (non uk)
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