wallace (alormont) wrote in vegancooking,

Replacing orange in bread?

Hey, I hope someone can help. I am making some baked goods for my family for Christmas and my mom wanted Cranberry Walnut Bread but said she didn’t like the orange flavor that is usually in it. While searching, all I could find were recipes with orange so I was going to stick with the recipe in Veganomicon but it calls for 1/4 c orange juice & 1 Tbs orange zest. Has anyone else made this recipe and can say if it has a distinct orange flavor? Or I was finding that I could possibly use (soy)milk instead of orange juice but does anyone know how that would change the recipe, if at all and would I just omit the zest? Thanks in advance!
Tags: -what does this do?, substitutions-fruit juices, techniques-baking substitutions
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