chocoblocko (chocoblocko) wrote in vegancooking,

christmas cookie recipes????!!! help??

I am trying not to fall victim to the temptation of non vegan cookies this year. help! i know this is last minute but what are some good sugar cookie recipes and peanut butter cookie recipes. also snickerdoodle types would be great! 

also it would be nice to have an already vegan recipe vs. using a substitute. whatever you have is fine though! ill probably just end up buying newman os. lol pathetic substitute for vegan cookies but i left all my cooking things in my dorm and i doubt im going to go out and buy new everything. we will see. i hope i dont cave and eat the non vegan cookies... :(
Tags: desserts-cookies-peanut/other nut butter, desserts-cookies-snickerdoodles/spiced, desserts-cookies-sugar, dorm-cooking
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