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Help for dinner

Hi! I need some more help. I am in Paris, and trying to come up with an amazing vegan meal for my dad and his wife. However, this whole cooking without any kind of pre-packaged food scares the heck out of me. I went to the grocery store today and while it was HUGE! it didn't seem to have all that much food. It had clothes and furniture and all kinds of scary stuff, but not the rows of canned beans and tomatoes that I am so used to.

So - I found some giant bags of gnocchi, which I love. I would love to make some for dinner, but the problem is that I don't how to make tomato sauce without a can of tomato sauce. I can make a wine-based sauce, there's lots of wine about. But how? And the grocery store had these lovely giant eggplants. And tomatoes, and just about every other usual vegetable. And bread as a side is great. There's plenty of stores around that have the traditional bread without the egg wash. And what can I throw in for a bit more protein?

His wife is making ratatouille for dinner tonight, so I need to make something that is slightly impressive. They're also not giant pro-vegan-ers, so I for sure need some help.

ETA: On second thought, one of the other grocery stores probably has canned tomatoes and that kind of stuff, and I am going to try to stop by that grocery store tomorrow, so I could probably use some canned stuff too. Probably.
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