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Cooking Vegan for Omnivores by Omnivores

I did look at the favorite recipes and such tagged, if I missed the correct tag, let me know.

My husband is an avowed omni and feels a meal isn't a meal unless it involves meat as the starring role. I'm not a vegetarian, either, but we both enjoy vegetables, fruits, etc.

My husband, like all the men in his family, now has heart issues. I would very much like to grow old with this man. Which means, even though I have been upping the vegetable and fruit portion of our meals, I need to make a stronger change in his eating. But i need to do it in a way that he doesn't notice, so much. If he feels something is missing, he'll sneak. Like me with snickers bites. If I know I can have them I don't want them. If I'm on a diet, I dream about them.

So I'm looking for recipes of main dishes and/or meals that you - experienced vegans that you are - have made for omnivores where they exclaimed, "OMG, give me more of that insane awesomeness!" I'm just not very experienced at this and I would really appreciate your help.

Oh...and to make it more fun, I'm gluten-free due to celiacs.
Tags: -health-gluten free, foods that non-vegans would like
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