nanda नान्दा (nandamai) wrote in vegancooking,
nanda नान्दा

daikon? jicama? water chestnuts?

This afternoon I found myself in the Asian supermarket with money to burn, so I stocked up on sriracha (naturally) and bought some veggies I don't normally buy. I've eaten them, but I've never tried to cook with them.

I can figure out what to do with fresh water chestnuts and the mystery green called gai lan. (Although I was surprised to find raw water chestnuts so sweet! My favorite Chinese place uses fresh water chestnuts, and they don't seem sweet when cooked.)

But I don't know what to do with daikon besides kimchi and Asian slaw, neither of which is happening tonight, and I don't know what to do with jicama besides eat it raw, which isn't so appealing in winter.

Ideas? Suggestions? Recipes? I'm thinking of a curry with sweet basil paste and coconut milk, or a stir fry with lots of fresh ginger. Would I regret putting daikon or jicama into either of those?

Thanks all.
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