She Herself (ipsafictura) wrote in vegancooking,
She Herself

Vegan Candied Ginger Recipes

Hello vegan cooks!

I am getting married soon, and for my favors I am giving a jar of candied ginger and a favorite recipe of mine. The problem? My absolutely wonderful friend who is a vegan will be in attendance, and I definitely don't want to give her a recipe that she has no use for.

I did a search from the community info page and found a couple of recipes for cookies and things, but she a personal trainer and generally doesn't eat baked desserts like that. Can any of you help me with a fairly easy recipe that involves candied ginger, that isn't a baked good? I know that's kind of tricky, but I'm hoping someone will have some kind of ingenious idea.

(Oh, and yes, I checked to make sure the candied ginger was vegan.)
Tags: herbs&spices-ginger
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