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Stuff from the US?

I live in Israel and my dad's going to the states for the next few weeks and he asked me what he can bring me from the land of much bigger vegan market. So far I thought of nutritional yeast and umami powder but there's got to be more than that and also I don't know any good brands. My sister's a vegetarian who lives in L.A so she knows where to buy the stuff and she'll show him around but I still need more specific details.

Over here I've got soy milk, random tempeh and the occasional saiten, though I'm more of a legume cooker so I rarely use those. I'm not a big fan of tofu-based cheese stuffs unless they can be carried in a plane (my dad's too dorky-looking to have the costumes or security ever check him up) and won't be too heavy, also if they're key ingredients in a lot of dishes that'll be cool.

Basically I'm looking for recommendations for basic and/or cool vegan things to ask my dad to get and what brand of those is best ^_^
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